People passionate about accommodating the homeless

KiP opening hours are from 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday, all registration interviews will be arranged during these hours.  An out of hours service is manned for all other hours to report those who are sleeping rough.

Telephone registration will be required for people serving a sentence in HMP establishments, these are by pre-arrangement only.

If you are sleeping rough, homeless or know of someone who has no accommodation please report to The KiP project as soon as possible via the contact details below:

To report a person sleeping rough (defined as having no shelter) please call:

Rough Sleepers reporting line on 01952 259204.

To report as homeless but not rough sleeping (defined as having shelter but relying on the good will of others to provide somewhere to sleep) please call:

The KiP project on 01952 256007.

The Salvation Army KiP Project is open Monday to Friday to help  & support people who are homeless, help with forms, budgeting and general life skills are available.

For further details about support available please call The KiP project on 01952 256007.

Are your or someone you know homeless?

KiP is the first response drop in centre for anyone who is, or about to become homeless.