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Christmas & Winter Mattress Appeal

We all value a comfortable night’s sleep in a warm bed with a mattress that suits our needs.

Consider how you might cope or feel if you didn’t have that bed to fall into each night, the lack of comfort, back support, protection from the cold. When we have these comforts, we find it difficult to imagine life without them.

It’s the mission of Maninplace to provide all our customers with a safe and comfortable space from within which, they can begin to rebuild their lives and escape the fear and uncertainty of street living. Part of that vision includes a warm and comfortable bed.

To achieve this vision requires substantial investment and the acquirement of good quality and long-lasting products that will withstand the demands put on them.

So we are asking for your help this winter time….

We have launched our “Christmas & Winter Mattress Appeal” which aims to raise £6500. The money raised through the appeal will enable us to purchase a new mattress for every bed in our emergency and temporary accommodation units, helping to provide a comfortable night’s sleep for all.

Mattresses are costly items that need replacing at regular intervals, and we recognise that purchasing a mattress may be out of reach for some. But don’t worry, you can donate smaller amounts that will help us provide all the bedding items to accompany the mattress.

What will your donation buy?

A donation of:

Every donation will make a difference, please give what you can and help make this Christmas and winter season more comfortable for Telford’s homeless.